The marketing team is excited to announce that we have once again brought in interns this summer! This year we have a small team of three and are trying out a new program focusing on short, targeted sessions of ideation. All three have jumped in on active accounts and are enjoying solving real-world challenges alongside our project teams. They’re only a few weeks in, but they have already presented to the leadership team in our personal care, pets, and entertainment categories!

We asked each of them to share something about themselves:

Andrew, University of Tennessee
Business Management/Entrepreneurship Collateral:

He’s a drum major and has marched in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade! He’s also a twin, which makes us wonder whether it’s actually him in the office.

Jessica, University of Minnesota
Bachelor of Science ICP Product Design, Sustainability, & Applied Business:

She surprised us with her extracurricular diversity – she rides a motorcycle, has hiked 57 of her 100 mile summer goal, bicycles, gardens, and has a pet cow!

Kara Rose, University of Tennessee
Retail Consumer Science/Business Administration Minor:

Her favorite movie isn’t your normal choice – “We Bought A Zoo!” We think it’s a great story too, but have changed our plans to give her a rotation in our finance department…

Welcome, All!

Interns 2016

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