American Accessories International, L.L.C, located in downtown Knoxville, is a dynamic network of creative, development, and manufacturing capabilities. We are seeking self-motivated and professional individuals who are ready and excited to work with some of the most well-known and successful Fortune 500 companies. Excellent written and verbal communication skills and management of multiple projects/deadlines are some of the skills needed to take on this challenge.
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American Accessories International, L.L.C, is a dynamic network of creative, development, and manufacturing capabilities, and supports some of the most well-known and successful Fortune 500 companies. Through our team of diverse backgrounds and majors, we offer services ranging from market research, creative design and product development to manufacturing and logistics. It is an exciting time at American Accessories as we are rapidly expanding and building our client base, so we are currently seeking self-motivated individuals who can understand and evaluate our clients’ challenges to help us create solutions. This paid position will focus on understanding client brands, analyzing market positioning and evolving trends, and creating product and pricing strategies to best meet AAI’s needs and our client’s needs. Excellent written skills, strong verbal communication and management of multiple projects/deadlines are needed to be a part of the AAI team.


2016 Marketing Intern

Published on January 7, 2016
Knoxville, Tennessee


  • My internship experience with AAI provided me with extraordinary opportunities to develop as a young professional within the marketing industry. Within the first month of my internship, I had worked in China and participated in a Fortune 500 company meeting. The amount of responsibility AAI gives its interns is refreshing and challenging all at the same time. I was exposed to a large breadth of marketing related activities such as product development, product production, project management, and trend research. AAI’s internship is an incomparable experience, and an adventure I would recommended to any young professional.
    Katie Simers-The University of Alabama
  • The experience that I gained through my internship at AAI was invaluable towards my career development as well as my personal growth. One thing that really stood out about this internship was I was never treated as just intern. I was encouraged to think, act, and take responsibilities and challenges like a full-time employee. As a Chinese national, it was exciting for me to see my culture background and language skills get utilized on a daily basis and know that my background is helping to bridge the gap between two different cultures. I am proud to say once my internship concluded I accepted a full time position with American Accessories International.
    Serena-Michigan State University
  • As a fresh engineering graduate, I was looking for a position that would allow me to get my hands dirty by applying my education in industry, but also something where I could see my impact on projects and gain insight on the business behind my engineering work. I started at AAI 7 months ago, and I’ve already had the opportunity to travel abroad to execute a major project, contribute to high level design meetings with clients, and join my team at industry trade shows. I have been able to take on responsibilities that have challenged me, allowing me to expand my engineering capabilities as well as my business acumen. With a young, energetic, and dynamic workplace atmosphere, I have found AAI a fantastic place to start a career.
    Elijah-University of Virginia
  • My employment with American Accessories International is filled with new and exciting opportunities. I actively participate in multiple programs of differing fields. I find it exciting to continuously expand my knowledge and expertise through direct, hands-on involvement. I travel both foreign and domestically interacting with our vast supplier network and diverse clientele (including Fortune 500 Companies.) I look forward to the upcoming opportunities and experience I will gain at American Accessories.
    Kate-University of Virginia
  • Being an engineer for AAI challenges me to go above and beyond the standard design process. We constantly explore emerging technologies both in the consumer market and in manufacturing. Having a comprehensive understanding of market needs (provided directly by our marketing department) and of current technological techniques and limitations allows us to preemptively prepare the necessary tools and infrastructure to place both ourselves and our clients at the forefront of innovation.
    Steven Johnson-University of Virginia