3d glasses

3D Glasses

In the past few years the sales of 3D movies have quickly been gaining momentum. The largest movie theater chain in the United States requested our help in re-working their 3D glasses to make them more cost effective, higher quality, longer lasting, and more visually appealing to their consumers.

Our graphics team and design engineers immediately began working  to achieve all the improvements requested. In as short as a few months, we had corrected all issues with the glasses. In less than one year (including test marketing and other testing procedures), we completely redefined the design of the glasses and the methods used to manufacture them, exceeding our client’s expectations in cost reduction and useful life of the glasses by more than 3 times. This new method and design has saved our client more than $650,000 each year. We currently produce 1-2 million of these glasses per year, helping reduce waste from discarded and damaged glasses by one-third.