Facility Expansion

Facility Expansion Case (RS)2In today’s fast paced world, expansion opportunities for brands and products are on shorter timelines than ever before.  However, it is important to prudently research, plan, and execute any expansion plan.  Often it is the smallest details that delay timelines and cost companies valuable market share.  Our teams have worked on several expansion projects ranging from single equipment installations to new production campus build-outs.


Recently we worked on a project to expand production capacity allowing a new product to grow from limited markets to full national distribution in the USA.  Our client had 9 months to select, renovate, qualify, and train a new production campus capable of producing over 10 million units per month in multiple SKU formats.  Recognizing the importance of planning and due diligence, we engaged a team of civil engineers to conduct pre-acquisition due diligence, including ground water testing, structural evaluations, and permitting for a potential location in China.  After selecting the location we worked with manufacturing teams and general contractors to build out and renovate a clean-room manufacturing facility for a regulated product.  Within 6 months the facility was constructed and employee training had begun.  At the nine month mark we were proud to show our client the manufacturing facility was at full pace production.