First Aid Tray

Consumer incentive Program

Our client approached us with interest in providing a consumer incentive program to increase incremental sales. The premise of the program is consumers would receive a free gift after the purchase of 3 or more items. The client and AAI decided an organization case to hold all of the consumer’s First Aid products was the right gift. AAI guided the design, material, and production decisions to ensure the end consumer would see value in the promotion and be satisfied with the free gift.

AAI produces and consolidates the paper shelf displays, the plastic vac trays, the paper hangs tags, and the organization cases making this program a turnkey success. AAI ships this program fully assembled as a single unit display to reduce cost and touch points for our client. Once received at our client’s distribution center, the goods are quickly deployed to the retailers without any additional repacking. The final retailer gains benefits as the single unit display can quickly be stocked on the store shelf for the program launch. Once a plastic vac tray is empty, it can be reloaded with back up stock units providing the end consumer with an attractive, easy to shop layout. This program has increased our client’s incremental sales for the past 5 years.