Regulatory legislation continues to place new requirements on companies in many industries, including the need for forward and backward traceability. Complexity can range from 2-D bar codes on shipping cases all the way to full scale recall management systems. AAI recognizes these requirements and has built expertise in this area, including teams experienced at implementing systems in factories with little or no prior knowledge.

For one program, AAI implemented a full scale traceability and recall management system for a consumer electronics device. At conclusion, this system was able to trace from raw material sub-batches all the way to finished products and delivery dates. This integrated with the client’s distribution center system, allowing shipments to be electronically inventoried upon delivery, and reducing the need for counting and scanning upon receipt. Our client was then able to trace finished goods back to individual raw material lots, as well as reduce receipt costs at their distribution center. By partnering with both the client and the manufacturing site personnel, our teams were able to create a manageable, effective, and cost sensitive traceability solution.