AAI’s product development team is an inspired group of designers, marketers, and engineers. Our Marketing & Development teams travel the world to identify style trends and research consumers’ interaction with their preferred brands. We look beyond what’s current, and often forecast trends 18 months in advance using insights gathered from cultural events, fashion shows, local markets, and focus groups. Utilizing this market research, our design teams create trend-right items that match consumer preferences and achieve brand goals. These ideation sessions create everything from new, never seen before items to unique spins on classic items. Our in-house team of graphic artists turns concepts into studio quality 2D and 3D renderings. We create portfolios of product options and in-store visualizations for our clients to utilize in focus groups, retailer presentations, and communications with manufacturers.

From the ideation stage, concepts move to our design, production, and systems engineers who apply expertise in various disciplines including Industrial, Chemical, Biomedical, Mechanical, Environmental, Electronic, and Manufacturing. This team works on our clients’ technical design and development projects, adding capabilities such as an electrical and mechanical lab, full CADD drawings in SolidWorks, 3-D printing and prototyping, and designing control environments including medical devices. Our Knoxville Development Center is equipped to produce 3D printed hard good samples and brand-specific soft good samples in a matter of days. These tools combined, aid in the development and refinement of consumer products ranging from simple plastics to consumer electronics.

Our engineers work with our marketing department to brainstorm new features and functions for existing products from a technical perspective. Such a diverse team allows us to create with a focus on brand, trend and consumer needs while never losing sight of quality, manufacturing, and target program costs. These combined forces allow us to turn concepts into a reality for our clients on an expedited timeline.