We maintain a diverse network of over 160 international and domestic manufacturing facilities to ensure that we can meet our clients’ needs in a variety of categories. Our partners span the consumer goods industries from metals and plastics, to textiles and luggage, to electronics. We bring items designed with you from the drawing board to the manufacturing floor, and specialize in turnkey services. Within our network we can consolidate components from multiple suppliers and design packaging to go with it, delivering a complete finished product.

At the core of our production capabilities are these strong supplier relationships, over 50 years of manufacturing experience, and a passionate team of engineers. We believe in a combination of continuous improvement, waste reduction, and lean manufacturing that allows us to pass savings in lead time and cost on to our clients.

Ethical sourcing is an integral part of our manufacturing network, and we know that supply chain transparency is important to our clients. We select partners who have strong company cultures and take pride in their standards of conduct. They work with us to ensure that every item we produce is made in an environment adhering to international best practices, as well as specific requirements of our clients.