AAI’s Quality Control and Supply Chain Management programs begin with supplier selection, including Corporate Social Responsibility and Quality Management System audits. In order to be admitted to the AAI manufacturing network, suppliers must first demonstrate a commitment to responsible, ethical manufacturing practice and a strong culture of quality. We recognize that investing significant time and resources into selecting good suppliers prepares our marketing and engineering teams to be successful on program execution.

Once we’ve paired a product with a manufacturing site, our project team works closely with the manufacturing engineers to finalize a full specification package. AAI also employs an in-house quality auditing team responsible for conducting audits and inspecting every AAI shipment prior to shipping. Depending on the needs of a program, AAI can also station auditors full time at facilities to participate in quality management, batch release controls, container loading inspections, and randomized sampling/testing.

Lastly, our team is experienced in supply chain mapping and process documentation. Especially for clients with regulatory reporting obligations, we can perform supply chain due diligence including production capacity analysis and legal compliance such as conflict minerals. For manufacturing process, we have several systems to identify, formalize, and document production processes. These services are highly customized to client needs; if you are interested in learning more, please visit our “Contact” page.